User Group Edits Required for Nomination Time on Wiki Reviews Required for Nomination
Bureaucrat - 2 months as administrator
Administrator 1,000 30 Days
Rollback 250 10 Days
How to nominate a user

To nominate a user, first contact the user to see whether they accept your nomination. If they accept, type their username into the appropriate text box below the proper section, and click Nominate. For example, if you were nominating a user for administrator rights, you would go to the Administrator section, enter their username into the box provided, and click.

To prevent excessive nominations, there is an edit and time requirement to be nominated for each right. If a user has more than one account, the edits on the other account(s) do not count towards their edit count.

Users are allowed to nominate themselves, but they are not allowed to vote for themselves. If users have made at least 100 mainspace edits on this wiki, they may vote once on each nomination, and voting will last for a period of two weeks. For a user right to be granted, the overall vote score must be 70% support or over for Rollback, or 80% or over for Administrator/Bureaucrat.


The rollback button allows users to revert vandalism fast, by being able to revert all of the edits by one user on one page, back to the last revision by another user. This right can be easily abused, so the requesting user must have 250 edits, have spent at least 10 days on Brickipedia, and have shown to be proficient in reverting vandalism. There is also an archive of past requests for rollback.


Administrators have many abilities, including being able to block users, protect and delete pages, edit the MediaWiki namespace and more. See Wiki Reviews:Administrators for more information. Administrator candidates must be trusted users, have 1,000 edits and have been on Wiki Reviews for two months before they can be nominated. There is also an archive of past requests for adminship.


Bureacrats have administrator rights, and on top of that, are able to grant any of the user rights listed here. Bureaucrat nominees must already be administrators, and must be nominated by another user. There is an archive of all past requests at the archive.